10 Things You Can Toss Right Now

The outcome of an organized space is the pretty part of the journey. But before getting organized you need to get rid of a few things. Here is a list of 10 Things You Can Toss Right Now. Most of these tasks can be completed in 5-15 minutes. Get them all done in one day or take a couple days to rid these things from your home and life.

10 Things You Can Toss Right Now

10 Things You Can Toss Right Now

Dry Cleaner and Store Hangers – Grab 2 bags, one for store hangers and one for dry cleaner hangers. The next time you’re running errands return the hangers to the appropriate stores. To no longer bring unwanted hangers home, just leave them at the store. The easiest way to not accumulate clutter is to not bring it in your home.

Tide Dry Cleaners clothing 10 things you can toss

Old Magazines and Catalogs – Donate magazines to hospital or doctors offices. I think they are starting to accept them again, but if not you can recycle them. Toss or recycle newspapers and catalogs. Stop unwanted subscriptions from coming to your home by getting off mailing lists and canceling subscriptions you no longer want.

magazines 10 things you can toss

Containers with Lost Lids – Toss containers without matching lids or lids without containers. For some reason I have a few disappear every year. I have recently changed to glass containers with lids. They are better quality and last much longer.

organizing plastic lids

Old Product Boxes – You don’t need those old computer, tablet, phone and small appliance boxes taking up space. Toss them to make room for things you really need. I’ve seen those memes about keeping good boxes. It’s true that they can be hard to resist but you can do it. The only time I do hang onto a few boxes is around Christmas time for gifts.

Socks with Holes or no Mate – Quickly go through the socks and toss any with holes or no mate. You can keep a couple to make sock puppets or dust cloths if you like. This is a good chore for kids, especially if you have a large family.

Sock Bucket with vinyl letters

Expired Food – While you’re putting groceries away check the expiration date on the food in the pantry and refrigerator. Store food with older expiration dates in front to be used first. I like to go through the pantry and refrigerator before I go grocery shopping so I can use items before they expire.

kitchen organizing 10 things you can toss

Cords You don’t Use – Toss cords for phones you no longer have, old computer cords, old appliance or tool cords, and frayed or kinked cords. Contain the remaining cords in a specific place so you can find what you need.

cord control 10 things you can toss

Duplicate Kitchen Utensils – Do you need 4 whisks, 5 ladles, or 3 ice cream scoops? Probably not! It’s time to toss extra utensils or donate to someone who needs them. This frees up so much space in kitchen drawers.

Cooking Utensils

Instruction Manuals – Most instruction manuals can be found on line. Toss the manuals to save on space. Plus it’s probably quicker to find them on line than looking through files.

instruction manual

Expired Medications – Over the counter medications and prescriptions need to be disposed of properly. Your local police station usually has a place to take medications to be discarded. I circle expiration dates on medications so they’re easy to notice when I’m decluttering.

10 minutes chores 11

You’re on your way to a decluttered and organized home! Good for you! Doesn’t it feel great? Next week, I’ll have 10 more things you can toss! Before you know it your home will be the beautiful, clutter free space you crave and deserve.

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10 Things You Can Toss Now

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  • Lauren @ Oh Hey! I Like That! January 5, 2016, 9:19 am

    OMG I just want to run home and get rid of all my clutter right now! Great post!!

  • Forgetfulone January 6, 2016, 10:44 pm

    Great ideas! I wish I could get my husband to part with old cords, but he always thinks he may have a use for them. That’s the electrician in him. Instruction manuals are something I could easily get rid of as well as old boxes for phones and such. Thanks!

  • I January 10, 2016, 12:16 pm

    You are so simply amazing. Thanks for putting things in order for all of us

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