Halloween Tea Light Holders

Black and white Halloween Tea Light Holders make a great centerpiece or table decoration.

Halloween Black and White Tea Light Holders

So, I made a goal to deep clean and declutter my craft room last month. Going through the shelves and drawers made me realize how many supplies I have that I haven’t used for years. I’m making a goal to use the supplies I have within the next 9 months or get rid of them. I’m also hoping it will get my creative juices flowing again. I’ve felt a bit stagnant lately. Let’s start with a Halloween craft because Halloween is probably my favorite holiday to craft and decorate for.

I have a drawer that has some small wood pieces in it of different shapes and sizes. I thought I’d start there and come up with some kind of Halloween display. Here are the supplies you will need (excuse me but I always seem to leave something out of the supplies picture, but they’re on the list):

Black paint
Wood discs
Wood candle sticks
Sponge brush
Patterned Scrapbook paper
Glue gun
Mod podge

Halloween TeaLight Holders Supplies.1

Start by painting the small candle sticks and wood discs black. Sand the candle sticks and discs a bit before painting. You probably only need one coat of black paint but if the wood still shows through paint an addition coat.

Halloween Tea Light Holders painting.1

Trace the disc on the scrapbook paper, centering the design you want under the disc. I used different scrapbook paper designs, but you can use the same paper or a variety of papers for the discs. The paper is going to be a bit large for the disc, I’ll show you what I do to fix that in a minute.

Halloween Tea Light Holders tracing.1

Brush a little mod podge on the top of the disc, then secure the scrapbook paper by smoothing it over the entire surface. Make sure the edges are stuck down well. You can even use a little roller to make sure it’s adhered around the edges.

Halloween Tea Light Holders mod podge.1

Let the scrapbook paper dry 15 minutes or so then sand off the edges of the excess paper. Sanding leaves a perfect edge, plus I like the way it distresses it a bit.

Halloween Tea Light Holders sanded.1

Flip the discs and candlesticks upside down and glue the candlestick to the center of the disc with hot glue or e6000.

Halloween Tea Light Holders assembly.1

Place them on the table then add a piece of cloth around the bottom of the tea light holders. A thin piece of fabric will drape well. This is a piece of fabric I cut off the bottom of my daughter’s choir dress that was too long for her. It’s sheer and glittery and adds the perfect touch for a sophisticated Halloween display.

Halloween Tea Light Holders assembled.1

Add the tea lights to the top of the disc. I only had 3 black ones so I also used 2 white ones. Use what you have, right?!

Halloween Tea Light Holders.4

I love all the different Halloween papers I’m finally using. Black and white are my favorite colors to decorate with for Halloween.

Halloween Tea Light Holders.5

These can also be used as cupcake stands. I think the kids might like cupcakes on them better. Now I’m even more excited for Halloween and all the black and white decorations. .

Halloween Tea light holders.7

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Halloween Tea Light Holders

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