Spring Mantel Decorating Ideas

I love changing my mantel with the holidays and with the seasons. It’s a way of bringing something fresh to my home without having to change all of the decor. Since the mantel is a focal point it’s something that is really noticeable when it’s changed. Guests will notice your new mantel decor so they won’t even notice you haven’t changed anything else in your house for the last year. Just kidding, kinda! I’m sharing with you some of my favorite Spring Mantel Decorating Ideas to help you with ideas for your own mantel. The images are pretty self explanatory so I’m just going to share some ideas about each decorated mantel.

Spring Mantel Decorating Ideas

Vary size and height of items and add the same elements, such as flowers or glass bottles, in different places. Hang a mirror or picture from the backdrop. Have your pieces tell a story of the holiday or season. Also have it reflect and keep closely to the theme of your home.

May mantel 6text

May Mantel

Don’t be afraid to use different shades of the same color. Add texture and layers for interest to neutral decor. Try to create depth even on a narrow mantel by layering the pieces.

April Mantel.1

April Mantel

As you can tell I like using shutters as a back drop. It makes it easy to hang wreaths, banners, or other pieces to add height to the mantel. Add color to an otherwise neutral Spring mantel with flowers.


Spring Mantel

Add a wreath up high to keep the eye moving. Use frames to frame pieces like you would a piece of art. Have similar items on each side of the mantel but they don’t need to be identical. Reuse items in different ways with different pieces to vary the look  from year to year without spending much money.

Easter-y mantel2.1

Easter-y Mantel

Keep it simple. Don’t stress over decorating your mantel. Sometimes simple is better!

painted bottles10text

Green Bottles

If you don’t have an item you want to use to decorate your mantel, make it yourself. Some of my favorite mantels are one’s that I made almost everything on it.

Colorful Easter Mantel.1

Colorful Easter Mantel

If you have a collection that fits the season or holiday use it to decorate your mantel. Still try to vary sizes and heights for interest. Use candlesticks, books, or stands to add height to items. Use banners above or below the mantel to continue the theme.

Earth Day Mantel 2

Earth Day Mantel

Click on the link below each mantel for more information.

Happy Decorating!


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