Peek Through Last Week (January 3-8)

Monday– Traci, Stephane, Benjamin, Julien, and Sebastien left to go back to Canada. We were able to spend most of the day with them before it was time to take them to the airport. Traci, Whitney, and I did some last minute shopping and eating. After shopping we made a stop at Chili’s for Chips and Salsa and Chocolate Molten. Traci lives in Quebec and misses some of the stores and restaurants we have here. She had to have her last minute Molten fix and Whitney and I didn’t mind helping her out. The boys looked so cute pulling their little bags behind them in line. It was hard to see them go, but things have to get back to normal some day. Hopefully one day they’ll move a little closer to us and we’ll be able to see them more often. 

Tuesday– I had lunch with my friends, Heidi, Stacey, and Holly. It was my first big outing since before Christmas because I had been so sick. We all have birthdays in January. It was Heidi’s birthday today. I won’t tell you how old she is now, because I still want her to be my friend. It was great to have lunch with friends and be able to just sit and talk for a while.

Wednesday– Ammon has had a hey-day since Christmas, spending all his free time building his new Lego creations. He likes building them, playing with them, but not taking them apart again. He doesn’t like it if someone messes with his Legos or wants to take them apart so I need to add some shelves to his room to display them. His table is getting a little too crowded to build anything on now.

Thursday– I don’t love Winter once Christmas has past. I was eating breakfast this morning and looked out the window and thought the deck was beautiful. I guess I don’t mind it too much as long as I’m not running errands or having to be out in the cold. I love the way snow sparkles and looks like glitter when the sun hits it. We don’t have a cat, but those are cat tracks and it peed on our deck. Really?

Friday– I rarely drink soda. Maybe once or twice a month, but there was Pepsi in the fridge and it was calling my name. I couldn’t resist and while I was at it I thought it might even taste better with a red and white paper straw. I was right!

Saturday– Hubby and I went on a date to the Home and Garden Show in Salt Lake. Not the best one I have ever been too, but we were able to walk and talk together and that was fun. After the show we headed across the street to the Mayan restaurant. I’ve been there before, but hubby hasn’t. I don’t think the food is the best but the atmosphere is incredible. The cliff jumpers/divers are fun to watch and it’s just fun to look around the restaurant. It reminds me of the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland.

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