Pantry Organization Round-Up

12 Organized Pantries

One of my favorite things is an organized pantry. Whether your pantry is small or large there are things you can do to ensure it stays organized. I asked a few blogger friends to share their pantries with you and they are full of great organization ideas to help you keep your own pantry organized so you can store and find everything you need.

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A Bowl Full Of Lemons

Keeping things contained and easy to get to is the key to organization. Baskets or small totes are the perfect way to store food and supplies in the pantry.

pantry 1

The Thinking Closet

Labeling is also important. Use chalkboard labels and it can be changed often and when needed.

pantry 5

Ask Anna

Even a very small pantry can be organized using containers and good planning.

pantry 2

First Home…Love Life

I love organizing with glass jars, not only are they functional but also pretty.

pantry 6

Clean Mama

Don’t forget to use the space on the inside of the door if that is available to you. Wire racks can be found at many big box stores and are very inexpensive.

pantry 3

Mom Endeavors

Extra shelves can also be added to existing shelves for even more storage space.

pantry 7

Free Stylin’

Take things like sugar and flour out of the original bags and store in uniform containers to save on space and prevent spills.


Organize & Decorate Everything

Use clothespins, chalkboard labels, laminated labels, etc. to make your pantry more functional and easy to find everything you need.

pantry 8

Learning To Be Me

Don’t have space for a pantry? Build your own in a small space in your kitchen. I love this idea!

pantry 9

Sunshine on the Inside

All these organized pantries make me happy.

pantry 10

The Social Home

You don’t have to have a large pantry to fit everything in. Match your containers and baskets to the size of pantry you have.

pantry 11

Hi Sugarplum!

I’ll be working with a new pantry soon. I’m actually pretty excited to use some of these ideas. Are you ready to organize your pantry now?

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