31 Days of 15 Minute Organizing – Day 17: Organizing Books and Magazines

Welcome to Day 17 of 31 Days of 15 Minute Organizing

Today we’re going to be organizing books and magazines. Set your timer for 15 minutes and grab a box or bag for donations. It’s time to cut through the piles of clutter and only keep what you really enjoy.

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Organizing Books and Magazines

I love reading and looking at pretty pictures in magazines but I’ve realized I can’t keep everything. Magazines were a bit of an addiction for me, so the first thing I did was cancel subscriptions to all my magazines except for my favorite. I have another rule I follow: if the new publication comes and I haven’t read the old one I’m probably not going to, so it goes in the recycling bin whether it’s been read or not. If you have articles or tutorials in the magazines you’d like to keep I would suggest getting a binder and adding page protectors. You can add or take away from the binder easily as your interests change. I also keep a few magazines on hand for school projects.

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The kids have a space for books in their own room so they have easy access to them. I would recommend going through their books once a year and donating ones they have out grown or pass them down to younger siblings.

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I go through my books once a year also. Take out the books that no longer interest you or your family. It’s pretty easy organizing what’s left. I group by category. I think that’s the way to go especially if you have a large collection of books. You could also group by color or size. In recent years I started grouping by color and I really like how it looks. 

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Books can be donated to a school, church, library, neighbors, doctors office, or a shelter.

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Magazines can be donated in the same way or recycled. If you’re no longer using or enjoying your books or magazines it’s time to get rid of them and make space for ones you really enjoy.

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  • UpstateNYer October 20, 2014, 11:48 am

    To recycle my magazines – I often cut my address off the cover and bring a pile into work for the break room. This way you can have a variety to look at with others who bring them as well.
    Also some hospitals, school teachers or girls scout troop leaders may accept your donations of magazines (as long as they are age appropriate) for upcoming teaching projects or waiting room/visiting areas. Be sure to call ahead and ask.

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