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Make Jewelry Organizing pretty and easy by making an organizer from frames and screens.

Jewelry Organizing made from frames and a screen

Select the frames and screens you want to use. I used frames I already had and spray painted them black. The oval one is smaller so it’s perfect for hanging earrings. There are several decorative screens you can choose from, purchase them at a craft or hardware store. I used a regular plain screen for the oval one. Once you decide on the screens measure them to fit the frames.

Jewelry Organizer decorative screen

Use tin snips to cut the screens to size. Save the left over pieces for another project. I made a pretty lantern with a piece left over from this screen and a wood disc.

Jewelry Organizer cut to size

You can either use a staple gun to attach the screen to the frame or use wood glue and clamps to attach it. I prefer using a staple gun.

Jewelry Organizer attach screen

You will need to bend out the S hooks a little to fit in the holes of this screen. Use pliers to bend them out slightly. You can move the hooks to make adjustments to the placement.

Jewelry Organizer hooks

I attached the frames to the wall with command strips. You could also staple a ribbon to the back and hang the frames from the ribbon. I’m really good at limiting my jewelry so I don’t need a lot of storage but you can add as many frames as you like. I think a whole wall would be very pretty. I also added a few pretty knob adhesive hooks for some bigger and heavier pieces of jewelry. I might put another small frame above the larger frame for more earrings or even bracelets.

Jewelry Organizing frames

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