Installing a Wireless Doorbell

We’ve lived in our house for almost 9 years and the doorbell has always been a little flaky until about 3 months ago when it decided to stop working altogether. So if you’ve come to our house in the last few months and only tried to ring the doorbell, that’s why we didn’t answer. My friend has been trying to motivate me to get things done lately so she picked me up and we headed to The Home Depot. And since I had a gift card, my new little doorbell was free.

Wireless Doorbell 5

I chose this one because it had everything I needed and was inexpensive. It took less than 5 minutes to install the doorbell. It only takes a few seconds to set the chime. Program the chime by first plugging it into an outlet then push the doorbell button and the chime will respond. To change the chime push a button on the chime until it plays the desired sound.

Wireless Doorbell 4

I took the old doorbell off and was able to use the same screw holes for the new one. Bonus!

Wireless Doorbell 2

Screw the base of the new one on. Make sure you have it right side up. Pay no attention to the different screws. They were the ones the builder used for the original bell. Interesting!

Wireless Doorbell

Snap the push button onto the base and you’re ready for visitors.

Wireless Doorbell 3

The door chime is in the hall, close to our bedroom. I like that it’s in a high outlet so little hands can’t get to it. A super simple project I should have done 3  months ago. Do you have projects like that? Try to get to at least one of them this week. You will be so happy you did.

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