Homemade Ornaments: A Christmas Tradition

There is something about traditions that give me a sense of comfort and security. So many things in life change but holding onto traditions connects us with the past and future. When my husband and I were first married we started some of own traditions but also brought some with us from our separate families. One thing my parents always did was get each of us a new ornament every Christmas. It usually related to something we experienced that year. By the time we left home we had at least 18 ornaments to put on our own tree. I knew this was something I wanted to do with my own family. We’ve changed things a little over the years and now Homemade Ornaments have also become a Christmas Tradition.

Homemade Ornaments A Christmas Tradition

I’m lucky to have a husband and kids who love traditions as much as I do. We practice several throughout the year but of course most of them fall between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We have a total of 8 children and have had some years where we didn’t have enough money to spend on nice ornaments and presents. Of course, the presents won out so we started making ornaments to save money. Now that we are doing better financially we still make ornaments and also buy a new ornament every year. This year we are painting and glittering some wood ornaments.

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Even though my kids are getting older they can still be pretty good mess makers. That’s part of the fun while you’re creating. It makes me so happy that we still enjoy making things together. While we’re painting we talk about what’s going on in their lives right now, reminisce, and of course listen and sing along to Christmas music.

Supplies needed:

Acrylic paint
Mod podge
Sponge brushes
Wood pieces
Bakers twine
Glue gun

DIY Wood Glitter Ornaments supplies

I pick a different color scheme for Christmas every year. I usually decide the year before so I can plan ahead. This year is red, black, white, and silver. It’s not very traditional but we like to make it a little different every year. I let the kids pick their wood ornaments and the colors they wanted to paint them, within the color scheme.

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Once the paint is dry on the ornaments, apply mod podge to the front of the ornament and sprinkle glitter on top. Shake the excess glitter back into the container. I always glitter over a paper plate or some kind of paper so the glitter can easily be placed back in the container.

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Once all the ornaments are finished use a clear spray sealer to hold all the glitter in place. Let dry for at least an hour then make a loop with bakers twine and hot glue it in place on the back of the ornament, so you can hang it.

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As much as I love paint and glitter it can be extremely messy. I hate having to touch the faucet when it’s time to clean up because then I have one more thing I need to clean after projects. I don’t need to worry about that anymore. The Delta Touch Technology bathroom faucet makes all kinds of clean up so much easier. The sensor means you don’t have to touch the faucet at all, just have your hands within a 4″ area, perfect for when the kids or I have been crafting or making some kind of mess. The faucet stays on as long as your hands are in the area and then shuts off within a few seconds of not sensing them any longer. What could be easier than that?

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You can also select the touch option and touch the faucet anywhere to turn it on and off. This helps prevent the spreading of germs by not having to touch the faucet handle. In a family with an autoimmune disease that is a big deal. #DeltaLiving

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My craft room is about 10 steps away from this bathroom making it the perfect location for quick and easy clean-ups after crafting sessions. It’s also directly across from the garage door which means it gets used a lot by my boys when they’ve been outside playing and by my husband when he has been working on the car or doing yard work. I really appreciate the sensor then.

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Some of my best childhood memories are when I would help paint and create with my mom. I hope I am building those same memories with my children. What memories and messes are you creating with your children?

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