Halloween Countdown Using Standing Rack by Create-ologie

With Halloween approaching I thought it would be fun to make a countdown for my kids. Everyone loves a countdown, right?

Halloween Countdown.1

The kids can’t wait for the month of October to get here so we can get started on the fun activities hanging from the rack. I know what’s in each envelope but the kids don’t.

Halloween Countdown 2

Here’s what I gathered together for the project. I had to buy the little bats and the orange bags but I had everything else. I like using thing already in my stash when I can, even if they aren’t exactly what I had in mind. It tends to turn out really cute anyway.

Halloween Countdown 4.1

I thought of fun activities for each day of October then wrote them on craft paper tags and slid them into the envelopes. I wrote the activities for each day on my calendar so I won’t be surprised by what we’re doing each day and I like that I was able to plan them out to make it easier on me.

Halloween Countdown 5.1

I started at the bottom and tied the envelopes on the rack with orange bakers twine.

Halloween Countdown 6.1

I left a space at the top for a countdown sign.

Halloween Countdown 7.1

I just made a simple one using a small banner on scrapbook paper.

Halloween Countdown 8.1

Here’s how it looks from the back. I think it turned out really cute. I’m thinking of using the rack for a Christmas countdown and maybe even a Summer Fun List next Summer.

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