Glitter Tipped Feathers

glitter tipped feathers 4.1

I had an empty frame, I had feathers and I had glitter, so why not?

glitter tipped feathers 2

A sweet friend gave me feathers months ago. I made some stamped feathers shortly after, then kind of forgot about them. Thanksgiving was the perfect time to bring them out again. I started by placing the feathers on wax paper.

glitter tipped feathers 3

I carefully brushed mod podge on the top 3rd or so of the feathers, then sprinkled glitter over the mod podge. I had a few different gold glitters so I mixed them together.

glitter tipped feathers 5.1

Pull the feathers off the wax paper around 1 minute so they don’t stick. I only glittered the front because the backs were going to be against the wall. Seriously one of the quickest decorating crafts ever.

glitter tipped feathers.1

I have decorating ADD, so I have 3 empty frames I spray painted black that I can change whenever I want. This display is for Thanksgiving (obviously). I’ll have Christmas up next Friday.

These feathers would be perfect for place cards also. Just add a a small tag with the name stamped on it and place at each setting.

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