Free Printable Bookmarks

Do your kids like to read? And read several books at one time? I have 8 kids and have been fortunate that most of them like to read and for the most part it hasn’t been a struggle to fit in their daily reading. In elementary school we were lucky that most of their teachers had a reading center where they could experiment with finding the type of books they enjoy reading. The school and public libraries have also been an excellent way for them to find what they are interested in reading. With all these borrowed books we tend to loose a lot of bookmarks so I decided to make some and also share these free printable bookmarks with you.

It’s been important to me that we instill a love of reading in our kids. I love that they bring their books with them when we go on weekend trips or when they just have some down time.

We started a new rule this school year that there is no TV time Monday through Thursday which has left them a lot more time for reading. I think they are enjoying reading even more now. What do you do to make reading fun for your kids? These bookmarks might be the trick!

It was fun to design all of the bookmarks but my favorite is the one that helps you keep track of your reading. We have a reading chart but it isn’t always with the kids so this is an easier way to keep track.

Click on the title below the bookmarks to print for your kids.

Free Printable Bookmarks

If you would like to use these printable bookmarks for yourself, just click the link below the print. Printables are for personal use ONLY and are available to subscribers of Organize & Decorate Everything. SUBSCRIBE NOW to get full access to all printables. I would recommend getting the posts delivered by email.

I have had a few questions about sizing the printables. If you save the printables to your computer you can then select the size you desire before you print them out.


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