Everyday Organizing Tips

Everyday Organizing Tips to help you keep your home as organized as possible.

Everyday Organizing Tips Organize and Decorate Everything

I’m often asked what I do to keep my home clutter free and organized. So I’m going to share with you my favorite tips. Although my house is not always perfect it doesn’t take me long to get it organized by following these easy tips.

The first thing most of us have to do is change our mind set. Change your thinking from big organizing projects to small and simple things you can do everyday to keep your space organized. It’s always quicker and easier to keep up on things by doing a little at a time. If you let things add up it’s going to take much longer to get your spaces organized. You might need to do a big initial organizing project first. But once that is finished use these tips to help you keep your spaces organized.

Everyday Organizing Tips:

Put it back where you got it – Often times we use something then put it down where ever we are at the time. Take an extra minute to put it back where you got it. It will save you a lot of time in the long run.

Always leave a room better than you found it – Before you leave a room pick up a few things to put where they belong. Take a couple minutes to return them to their proper room. What else can you do in a couple minutes? Fluff the pillows, fold up the throw blankets, and other things to tidy the space.

Never go up or down the stairs without something in your hands – This is similar to above. Always be thinking of ways to save time. If you’re going to be walking up and down the stairs be sure to grab something that needs to be put away. Take care of it throughout the day instead of waiting to do it all at one time. If you let things stack up it will take even longer to get everything put away.

Keep things where you use them – Think of where you use the items and store them in that area. If you use scissors in the family room and the kitchen then store them in both places. You’re more likely to put things away if it’s convenient for you and your family.

Create a donation box – Always have an ongoing donation box. If something is too small, not being used, not needed, outdated, or no longer wanted place it in the box. Once the box is full donate it. Get rid of broken, stained, or worn items regularly. Recycle papers and other recyclable items weekly.

Tidy as you go – When you’re working on a project, cooking, or even playing, clean up as you go. Think of ways to save yourself time and energy as you strive to keep your space organized.

Do a quick clean up 10 minutes before bed – Add a quick family clean up to your bedtime routine. Before family members put on their pajamas, brush their teeth and get a bedtime story have everyone pick up their own things and do a quick tidy of the house.

Delegate to other family members – Don’t be responsible for the whole house organization yourself. Family members can have the responsibility of keeping their own spaces clutter free and organized.

Watch what you bring into your home – This is probably the most important and easiest way to keep your home organized and clutter free. Always question what new items you are bringing into your home. Do you have a place for it? Is it needed? Can you get rid of something else so it can take it’s place? Do you love it or are you just going to be getting rid of it in a few months?

Start thinking of these tips regularly and as your mindset changes you will notice your home is more organized and with less clutter.

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Everyday Organizing Tips for your Home

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  • Jolene February 11, 2018, 7:27 am

    I agree with all of your tips, and I am trying to put them in practice, with some success. I’ve borrowed the clutter buster technique from another one of our blogger friends. She uses a laundry basket to go through a room. She picks up places everything in the basket that doesn’t belong in the room. Then, she puts the items in the basket in the places they belong. That second step is my downfall, but recently it only took me 2 days to get to that part, as opposed to …mmmm…weeks….or more! Thanks for sharing.

  • Teri Perrott May 18, 2020, 8:02 pm

    Having a donation box is a great idea! Makes so much sense.

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