Clothespin Art

Clothespin Art.1

If you follow me on Instagram you saw that I have decided to quit procrastinating and finally start decorating our rental. I’m starting with the laundry room because it’s small and I’m hoping it will give me the motivation I need to finish the rest of the house. I came up with a simple Clothespin Art using the colors in the room. The best part of the wall art is that I already had everything so it was a free project.

Clothespin Art 6

I worked on how to arrange the clothespins on the scrapbook paper. I originally painted all the clothespins red and placed them on the paper. I loved the layout but hated the clothespins being all one color.

Clothespin Art 5

Painting half of the clothespins Rustoleum Apple Red and the other half Valspar Tropical Oasis was the answer.

Clothespin Art 4

I placed the scrapbook paper inside the frame, under the glass. Do you recognize this paper? I use it often for a prop background. I think it will look perfect in the laundry room.

Clothespin Art 3.1

Then I adhered the clothespins to the outside of the glass in the arrangement I had decided on. I used hot glue to adhere them, which means if I change my mind in a few years I can just pull the clothespins off and use the frame for something else. For something permanent, use E6000 glue. Hmm, do you think I should pull off the glue strings?

Clothespin Art 2.1

I didn’t measure the pins, I just eyeballed it. I’m so happy with this little project. I can’t wait to show you the rest of the room.

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  • Lisa July 16, 2014, 1:37 pm

    This is different but I like it!

  • Nicole July 16, 2014, 2:08 pm

    This is just the thing I need for in my laundry room. I may have to put something like this into action. Thanks!

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