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Bobby Pin Storage Ideas for home and travel.

Bobby Pin Storage Ideas

My favorite hacks are quick and easy and cheap. I also like the idea of re-purposing things whenever I can. I don’t under stand why bobby pins come on those cardboard things and not in a useful and reusable container. I start out placing the bobby pins back on the cardboard for a few days and then eventually give up.

Bobby Pin storage tic tac container

A tic tac container is perfect for holding bobby pins, especially while traveling. Plus they’re neatly contained and are easy to get in and out.

Bobby Pin storage in tic tac container

You can also add a magnetic strip to the inside of the medicine cabinet to keep bobby pins at easy reach in the bathroom. I feel like one day I have 50 bobby pins and a week later I have none. Maybe these storage ideas will help us all keep a little better track of our bobby pins.

Bobby Pins on inside of medicine cabinet

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31 days of organizing and cleaning hacks 16

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Bobby Pin Storage Ideas

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