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Welcome to day 18 of 31 Days of 15 Minute Craft Projects.

I’m sure by now you all know how much I love Autumn, but I’m living in the desert now so it’s a little different. The weather is still warm, although this week is suppose to be in the 70’s, definitely Fall weather here. Luckily it’s not only the weather I love about Autumn, although I might head up to a local mountain to experience weather closer to the Fall crisp air I crave.

What I really love about Autumn is the beginning of the holiday season. Okay let’s be honest, I love any holiday but I especially love the memories we’ve created as a family around Thanksgiving and even Halloween, Christmas too but that comes later. Even though things are dying or starting to go to sleep for the Winter, Autumn feels like a new beginning to me. Maybe it’s just the change of the season, maybe it’s getting cozy with a blanket and a good book, or maybe it’s just because every season brings something special with it. I also like to organize and declutter my house in Fall, so that always makes me feel accomplished.

I’ve been quite sick lately and everyday has been a struggle, but because of some medical information I’m hoping things will be improving soon. These Autumn Printables were easy to make from bed and they won’t take more than a minute to print out so it’s an easy craft day for you.

I’m not a Winter person so this first print really sums up how I feel about Autumn. I made it in the colors I used to decorate with for Fall this year.

Autumn Smile

Autumn’s Smile

I will be spending Thanksgiving with most of my children this year. I can’t wait! I have a lot to be thankful for so I made this print to remind me of that when I’m having a hard time. I am thinking of printing several of these, on a smaller scale, for each person to put at their place setting on Thanksgiving. That might be another project to show you soon.

Give Thanks printable

Give Thanks

If you would like to use these printables for yourself, just click the link below each print. Printables are for personal use ONLY and are available to subscribers of Organize & Decorate Everything. SUBSCRIBE NOW to get full access to all printables. I would recommend getting the posts delivered by email.

I have had a few questions about sizing the printables. If you save the printables to your computer you can then select the size you desire before you print them out.

If you would like to see more printables for you personal use check out these pinterest boards full of awesome prints:

Printables Party

Are you ready for another 15 minute craft? Come back tomorrow so you don’t miss anything.

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All the projects will be listed and linked on the 31 Days of 15 Minute Craft Projects Introduction page if you miss anything.


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