31 Days of 15 Minute Organizing – Day 24: Cleaning Supplies

Welcome to Day 24 of 31 Days of 15 Minute Organizing

Today’s organizing task is going to be quick and easy. Basically you’re just making sure your Cleaning Supplies are where you use them. Just like everything else, having your supplies close at hand will be an extra benefit when it comes to saving time.

31 days of 15 minute organizing 4

I saw this on the internet a few weeks ago and it’s pretty true in my case. This wasn’t exactly how it was worded but it was something like, “Organized people are just lazy and don’t like to hunt for things.” This is so true in my case. Being organized helps me save time and I like not having to hunt for things.

I like using a caddy to hold all my cleaning supplies. It’s easy to take room from room and I can get the jobs done faster having everything I need with me.

15 Minute Organizing Cleaning Supplies - Organize and Decorate Everything

I keep extra cleaning supplies in each bathroom cabinet for everyday cleaning. It makes it easy for quick clean-ups. This is not an ad for Lysol, but apparently I buy a lot of their products. Notice I don’t have any cleaners with bleach in them? My kids clean some of their spaces and I’ve learned my lesson about having products with bleach.

cleaning supplies 4

I keep a tote in the utility closet full of extra cleaning supplies to replenish the caddy when I’m running low. It also makes it easy for me to see what I need to buy the next time I go shopping.

cleaning supplies

There’s also hooks in the closet that hold dusting equipment close at hand. The vacuum, broom, mop, and dust pan are also kept in this closet.

cleaning supplies 5

That was easy! Wasn’t it?!

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