Peek Through Last Week (August 22-28)

Sunday- The girls start school tomorrow. I’m glad I stock up on school supplies when they’re on sale. I usually have most of what the kids need when they go back to school. I keep this tote full of folders, binders, lined paper, composition books, pens, pencils, markers, colored pencils, glue, glue sticks, dry erase markers, etc. Why is always exciting for me and the kids to get the school supplies ready for the 1st day of school?   

Monday- Amanda started high school today and Emilee started Jr. High. Is that why I’m so weepy today? Such a big year for both of them. They were so excited and nervous at the same time. Can they open their locker? Will they have friends to sit with at lunch? Will they make it to their classes on time? Will they like their teachers? They had a great 1st day. Hopefully that will continue through the whole year. Aren’t they so cute in their new school clothes?

Tuesday- Zach and Ammon love playing “good guy, bad guy”. They take turns being the good guy then the bad guy. I love watching them play, when they’re playing well together. Sometimes they fight a little too much and I just want them to get along. Today was a good day. They played for hours.

Wednesday- I started on Zach’s bedroom today. He’ll be moving into Adam’s old room and out of the room he shares with Ammon. They’re both excited to have their own room soon. I started with his closet and he loves it so far.  

Thursday- Zach had soccer practice then Scouts right after. They had the Raingutter Regatta for pack meeting. The boys had so much fun racing their boats. Zach painted his purple, his favorite color. He put a pirate sticker and number stickers on the sail. They go by wind power so the harder you blow the better. They didn’t give awards for places. They gave creative awards. Zach got the One of a Kind award.

Friday- This is my entry. This is Amanda’s backpack and math book in my entry. I’m standing in the mudroom where her things are suppose to be. The chair is about 10 feet from her locker. Why are her things on the chair instead of in her locker? Yeah, I don’t know either. 

Saturday- Zach’s first soccer game was today. He did really well. They lost 4-3 but it was a close game. He’s never played on a team before, just at school with his friends. His coach says he’s really good and thought he had been playing a couple years. His favorite position is goalie. He looks like Mickey Mouse with the gloves on.  

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