Hawaii- Day 5

We decided to head for the North Shore today. But first we took a detour to the Temple. The Temple is actually under construction and has been for over a year now.

We took the tour through the Visitor Center and watched a video on the area and how the Temple was built. The colors on the mural in the entry of the Visitor Center are beautiful.

One of the Sisters gave me a plumeria flower for my hair. It smells incredible.

We ate lunch, then stopped at this fruit stand for fresh fruit. We tried some Lechees. We’ve never tried them before and they were so yummy and sweet. We bought pineapple, bananas, and a coconut. She sliced the top off the coconut then stuck a straw in it. I drank most of the coconut juice, because Hubby didn’t really like it.

We stopped at many beaches along the Windward side and on the North Shore. Hukilau Beach was one of our first stops.

There were quite a few locals swimming there. You could see some little islands from the beach and a few small boats were headed out to some of them.

Our next stop was Turtle Bay. The lava formations were awesome, but a little rough to walk on.

We saw a small blow hole. The water only came all the way up once, while we were there. There were also fish and little crabs in some of the lava areas that still had water in them.

The next beach we visited was Sunset Beach. It was crazy crowded there, so we moved on. The waves were pretty awesome though.

This was my favorite beach for exploring, but not for sunbathing. It took us about 15 minutes to walk down the rocks to get to the water.

There were little coves everywhere.

Little fish and crabs were everywhere. If you were still they would come right up to you.

The water was so clear by the rocks, you could see to the bottom.

This is a view of the area as we were climbing up to leave.

Next we headed off to Waimea Beach and the cliffs. The jumpers were lined up along the big rock. Someone had just jumped in where the splash is.

This is looking towards Pupukea.

The waves here were incredible.

They were so high and would go out so quickly. There were no surfboards here, but alot of boogie boards.

There was a little cove on the other side of the jump rock. We went over there for a while and then the water started coming in so high that it would cover the whole area. I almost got hit with a big wave here.

More huge waves. The lifeguards left at 6:00pm. The last thing they said was “Jump off the cliffs at your own risk, swim at your own risk and keep the kids out of the water. If someone gets hurt, call 911.” 

While we were there, 2 boats came up and anchored off shore.

We decided to stay and watch the sunset.

And more awesome waves.

It was an beautiful ending to a wonderful day.

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  • Kolein June 2, 2010, 11:28 am

    OK, I was feeling all bad that I hadn’t sent out your swap gift yet….busy ending the school year, getting our house ready to sell…So I thought I’d stop by to tell ya…and well…

    I don’t think you’re thinking about your swap gift right now. You have other things on your mind. LIKE HAWAII!!!!!!!!!!! So gorgeous! Looks like you and your husband are having a wonderful time!

    I promise to get that gift out to you very soon!!!! Promise, promise, promise!!!


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