Great Tips to Get any Space in Your Home Organized

Greaat tips to get any space in your home organized

Getting your home organized doesn’t have to be a fairy tale, it can be pretty easy and painless if you follow these great tips to get any space in your home organized. With the kids being back in school and before the holidays approach, now is the perfect time to get the house in order.

Laundry Room Organizing Collage

1. Start in one place then move on to the next. I like to start with the area that bugs me the most. Once I’ve organized that space it gives me the motivation I need to move on and conquer the rest of the house. Another option would be to start with the smallest or easiest room. Perfect for those of us who like instant gratification!


2. Allow enough time. It’s easy to overestimate or underestimate a task especially when you’re decluttering and organizing. Tackle a small area in a room first, maybe a drawer or bookshelf. Set a timer and work in 15 minute increments. If you have more time then continue, if you run out of time come back to it at a later time.

decluttering 2011 143

3. Decutter the selected area. It’s time to get down and dirty. Be ruthless in your decisions. Label boxes or bags with donate, toss, repair, and  relocate, then get to work decluttering your space.

craft room tour 9

4. Take inventory. Evaluate your space and ask yourself these questions. Does it belong here? Where is it used most? Would it be easier to retrieve somewhere else? Can family members get to it?

underbed storage and organizing

5. Look for more storage space. Still short on space after decluttering? Be creative when adding more storage space in your home. Think about the space under beds, over doors, in suitcases, under tables, and so on.

Emilees Bedroom 003

6. Maximize vertical space. Don’t forget to look up. You’ll be surprised how much more storage space you can get from adding a few feet vertically. Use the top of cabinets, add shelves to the top of closets, use organizers on the back of doors.

Master Bedroom 033

7. Divide the space. A  long shelf usually needs to be divided to keep the space organized. Use shelf dividers, baskets, bins, or totes to divide items. Small items need to be in a container to keep them organized and can easily be placed on a shelf.

Homework Caddy 12

8. Make it portable. There’s sometimes a need to move things around especially in a small space. You can easily make a large piece of furniture portable by adding wheels. Totes or crates work well as portable options also.

personal planner.2

9. Organize using color. Organizing by color is a great option for at a glace organizing. I color code my calendar by using colored pens, each representing a task or an individual. Give each child a color for personal items and items in shared areas. Never guess who’s towel was tossed on the floor again.

spice labels

10. Make it visible. Place items in clear totes to keep them contained but easy to see. Not everything looks good in a clear container so you can instead label the outside of the tote or bin.

Master Closet Organization 5

11. Easily accessible. Place most used items between hip and chin height and little used items high on a shelf. Place kids items in easy reach for them. Making things accessible makes it easier to put things away and keep everything neat and tidy.

Zach's Room 013

12. Be Flexible. Things don’t always work out the way you plan. A system you think will work might not work well for you or your family. Don’t be afraid to change something that isn’t working. Be flexible and adapt.

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