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We like to camp. We used to have a pop-up trailer, then a camper, then a nice big trailer. Long story, but now we’re back to tents again. To tell you the truth I don’t love camping in tents. It’s dirty and not as comfortable as a trailer, which is why hubby and I have a queen size blow up mattress (at least I can sleep at night). Anyway, at the end of the camping season I like to get everything cleaned and stored away for the next season.

I start by washing all the sleeping bags and extra blankets and hanging them out to dry. Then I check to see if anything needs repaired and take care of that if I can (one of the sleeping bags has a broken zipper but I keep it for padding). I store the sleeping bags and blankets in kitchen size garbage bags to protect them from becoming homes to bugs and such. I make sure the tents (we have 5 of them) and mattresses are clean and dry and stored away in their bags (with all the supplies that go along with them).  

Coolers and more mattresses and tents are stored here. The coolers are also cleaned and dried. Camping supplies are stored inside the coolers and the totes.

Taking care of all the camping supplies at the end of the season makes it easier to know what we need to buy for the next season and also makes that first camping trip of the season much easier. Whether we’re camping in Southern Utah or in our backyard I know things are clean, repaired, and ready to go. That big thing in the front is a cot I bought for Girls Camp. I love it. It almost felt like I was sleeping in a real bed.  

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  • Camp Easier November 17, 2010, 4:37 pm

    Great tips. Another idea is to put hedge apples in your garage or basement where your gear is stored. These help keep spiders and mice away. Thanks

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