Button Heart

Make this sweet Button Heart on a hoop for a cute and simple Valentines Day decoration.

Valentines Day Button Heart on hoop

If you’ve been visiting my blog for a while you know that I like to try to use up my craft supplies by making projects with supplies I already have. I like collecting craft supplies as much as the next crafter but a few years ago I decided I should probably start using what I already had. Don’t get me wrong it’s sometimes hard to walk out of a craft store with only what I need for a particular project but it’s also saved me a lot of money. Even if you don’t have the supplies for this project it will still only cost you around $5.

Supplies needed:
embroidery hoop
small piece of fabric
assortment of red buttons
small pom pom trim

Button Heart Supplies

I know you all know how to iron. I just wanted to show you that I sometimes do iron even though it’s usually only for craft projects.

Button Heart Fabric

Start by placing your fabric in the hoop. I like to make sure my fabric is tight by tightening the larger hoop quite a bit before placing it over the fabric and smaller hoop. Then I turn the screw to tighten it even more.

Button Heart fabric on hoop

Trim the fabric around the hoop but leave enough fabric to wrap around the inside hoop and glue into place. I just use hot glue.

Button Heart hoop back

You can lightly trace a heart onto the fabric but I just eyeballed it. Place all the buttons down first in the outline of a heart. Once you have them where you want you can glue them in place. Again, I just used hot glue.

Button Heart outline

The next thing I did was fill in the center of the heart with buttons. I’m using about 3 different sizes of buttons.

Button Heart filled in

Now make another layer of buttons covering some of the gasps between the first layer of buttons. You can make it as full as you like. This seemed like a good amount to me.

Button Heart layered

I like to paint the hoops or add a trim for decorative purposes. I had this cute mini pom pom trim that was perfect for this sweet project.

Button Heart trim

You can add the trim around the front, side, or bottom of the hoop. I chose to glue it around the front of the hoop this time. I might need to make more of these. It turned out so cute!

Button Heart Pom Pom Trim

Now, to decide where to put it.

Button Heart on wreath

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Valentines Day Button Heart

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