15 Ideas to Make Birthdays Special

15 awesome ideas to make birthdays special throughout the day.

15 Craft Ideas to make Birthdays Special

Doing little things for birthdays of family members can make the day extra special. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time but they’ll remember the effort and how you made it special. I’ve gathered 15 of my favorite Ideas to Make Birthdays Special. Choose one or more ideas to make those around you have birthdays that are even more memorable.

Start the day off with Birthday Cinnamon Rolls by Love From the Oven. We usually do Birthday Donuts at our house because they’re a lot less work, but I might try this for hubby’s birthday. He loves cinnamon rolls! Isn’t that banner so cute?

Birthday Cinnamon Rolls

Decorate the bedroom door with Birthday Money Balloons by Organize and Decorate Everything so it’s the first thing they see in the morning. It’s the perfect gift for a teen, they always appreciate money.

Money Balloons

Another fun way to give money is this Surprise Straw Garland by Organize and Decorate Everything. It might even take them a while to find out there’s a special surprise.

Straw Garland with Money

It’s fun to give money in different ways so here’s one more. Dollar Bow Garland by Organize and Decorate Everything. What a fun idea! I draped several different banners in front of my daughter’s bedroom door on her birthday and she liked them so much that she kept them up for several days.

Dollar Bow Garland

Place this Balloon Wreath by Sew Sweet Cottage on the front door to announce birthdays even if you aren’t having a party. Everyone will know someone is having a special day.

Balloon Wreath

I love this idea to Decorate the Inside of the Car by The House of Hendrix. I need to make a note to do this one year.

Decorate Inside of Car

If you can’t decorate your teens locker you could get a friend of theirs to decorate it. What a fun way to announce to the school it’s their birthday. Unknown Photo Source.

Locker Decorating

Send them to school or work with a Cupcake in a Jar by Glorious Treats so they can eat it for lunch. Just because they’re at school or work doesn’t mean they can’t celebrate all day.

Cupcake in a Jar

Here’s another fun idea, a Candy Bar Poster by Hative. I haven’t made one of these since I was a teen but I think it’s time I make another one. It can be customized to say anything you like.

Candy Bar Card

I bought a birthday plate years ago but I really love this idea of making a Birthday Plate by Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke. This is a fun tradition.

Birthday Plate

Quality Rivets has a fun way to give gifts throughout the day. Have the birthday person open one gift per hour for 12 hours. Keep the surprises going all day long!

Gifts by the Hour

Everyone loves balloons and these Emoji Balloons by Studio DIY are perfect for any teen birthday. They would be fun to give out to friends at their party too.

Decorated Balloons

Make a special Birthday Chalkboard Message for the day. I love this one by It’s Me, Brooke Marie. The pom pom garland is super cute too.

Chalkboard Art

I think for birthdays you can make a banner for anything and everywhere. I love this Washi Tape Birthday Cake Banner by Organize and Decorate Everything. It’s super festive and fun to make.

Birthday Cake Banner

If you want to do something extra special for someone far away you can send a Birthday in a Box. A lot of times it includes party supplies but this one by Organize and Decorate Everything also includes little gifts and a gift card. It’s such a great way to send a little birthday love.

Birthday Box

At our house we also like to make a special dinner for the birthday person. They get to choose the dinner or the restaurant. These are all such great ideas that I’m going to have to try the ones I haven’t done yet. I hope you were able to find some that you want to use as you celebrate birthdays throughout the year.

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15 Fun and SImple Ideas to make Birthdays even more Special

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