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Where has April gone? It’s already the 4th Thursday which means my Fashion Contributor is here sharing another fun fashion trend. I love color mixing but I’ve never tried pattern mixing. Here’s Whitney and her ideas on pattern mixing:

Hello ODE readers, it is so good to be back. April is here, the sun is shining and Spring is here in full swing. Last month I talked about my favorite Spring trends this year. Well here is another styling tip and fun trend for the Spring that will transition right into the summer months. Today we are talking pattern Mixing.

I think it is safe to say that most of us are pretty stand offish and nervous when it comes to mixing patterns. You don’t want to be too bold or crazy, But guess what that is ok now. It is no longer a fashion no no in fact it is all the rage. Take for instance the picture above. When it comes to printed leggings I am safe and wear solid colored shirts with them but this day I was feeling brave pulled on this striped tee and I ended up loving it. I went with neutral colors that way the mixing patterns would go well with each other and it was still a little more safe., but I loved how it turned out.

 Photo Credit: unknown found on Pinterest HERE
Another great way to mix patterns is to bring small stripes the same color as the pattern. This way it goes well together but it is still bold, fashionable and fun.
 Photo Credit: Unknown found on pinterest HERE
This is probably my favorite one. Keeping it in the same color scheme and separating the patterns with a solid to make it flow and look flawless. This is the perfect example of pattern mixing working well.
Photo Credit: Unknown found on Pinterest HERE
This is another one touching the pattern with a neutral and colored pattern making it not seem too much and going perfectly together. 
Now after seeing these examples do you feel better about mixing patterns? Stay in the same color scheme, patch a neutral pattern with a colorful pattern, break up the patterns with a solid, or pick one color out of the pattern to match with the other pattern, stripes stripes stripes go with almost any pattern. Try it out you are sure to love it and it is the perfect fashion trend for this spring and summer. I hope I have inspired you and helped you feel confident in bringing a little pattern mixing, just every once in a while,  into your style this Spring and Summer season.

Thanks Whitney! What is your favorite way to mix patterns? Are you going to give it a try?
Don’t forget to visit A Mommy’s Life With a Touch of Yellow, where Whitney blogs regularly.

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