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Hi Friends! It’s Thursday again! Really? How did that happen? Time is screaming by, but I’m happy Sarah is here today sharing another super awesome printable. She always amazes me with her creativity. If you have kids that want to stay in touch with their school friends over Summer you need to print these out before school ends. Here’s Sarah:

Hi everyone! Can you believe it’s the middle of May already? My kids only have five weeks of school left! That really hit home for me and I realized I better start preparing for the summer!

One of the things that I shared last year on my own blog were these cute “Stay in Contact” cards. I made a girls version, because, well… I only have girls. I should have made one for boys, which I realized after a lot of people asked if I planned to, but by then, the school year was long over. I put it on the roster to do this year, and when my monthly printable time rolled around, I thought this would be a great place to share them!

Let's Stay in Touch Cards - a great idea for the end of the school year!

These little cards are fabulous for the kids who have friends they may not see on a regular basis outside of school. The process is simple: You download the image here, right click to save, open in PicMonkey (or another photo editor), add your own contact info to the top card, and print. You could also print it as is, and hand print your contact info in as well.

Let's Stay in Touch Cards - a great idea for the end of the school year!

You can cut the card in half to make two business sized cards, and attach with a paper clip to give to each friend, but what I like to do is use a rotary cutter with a perforated blade to make a line between the two cards. Then it becomes really obvious that you tear the top off and return the bottom. You can see how this works in the image below from last years cards – it also gives you a peek of the girlier version, if you would like that one too!

I’m really digging this little camping theme (the clipart is from Maree True Love by the way, if you want to get your hands on some) and I might even use these ones with my girls this year (GASP – something with no glitter and not belonging to the pink/purple family!) However, if you want the more girly version, they are still available too.

Here are the links to both versions:
Camping Stay In Touch Cards / Owl Stay in Touch Cards

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Thanks so much for joining me, and I’ll see you again next month!

Thanks Sarah! You can visit Sarah at Becoming Martha where she blogs regularly.

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