Guest Post – A Mommy’s Life…with a Touch of Yellow

Hello all you amazing Organize and Decorate Everything Readers
I am so excited to be guest posting today at the lady I admire the most’s blog
Leanne is my mom and one of my best friends
If you didn’t already know she is one talented and AMAZING woman
I have learned so much from her growing up
including being a wife, mom, crafting and decorating just to name a few
and I like to think I got a tiny bit of her creativeness passed on to me
Thank you mom for letting me post on your amazing blog!
I am Whitney and the momma behind the blog
A mommy’s life…with a touch of YELLOW
I am a wife to my hunky hubby Ty for 4 years now and
a mommy to our 17 month old boy Maddux
I graduated from SUU in Physical Education and Health
and hope to one day teach
But for now I love to keep myself busy with PROJECTS of all sorts
while the hubby is in law school and the babe is napping
Everything I do is on a budget and when its cheap but amazing it is even more exciting
Over at my blog you will find DIY projects, knock offs, redoing, chic n’ fresh tips,
a little about health, fitness, pinterest loves, a little about my family,
learning new and this is all rolled up in my mommy adventures
Today I am going to share my fabulous flower pedal pillow tutorial
I am redoing my bedroom and have also changed my colors
so I have been looking for inspiration and thinking up pillow designs
While I was looking at this DownEast shirt
(Which just happens to be my moms)
I thought to myself
what the heck I am going to take that idea and make it into a pillow
First I found a 6 pedal flower design on my Silhouette software
size: 3.5 x 3 inches
and set it to cut on card stock
You DO NOT need a cutting machine for this
you can find a flower image on your computer or internet print it out and cut it by hand
Get a fabric pencil, marker, or photo pencil to trace your flower
These pencils or a marker are best to show up onto the fabric
Trace your flowers onto the cotton fabric color you want your pedals to be
I traced 110 flowers which was about 1 yard
(this was for a rectangle 14 X 20 pillow)
tracing the flowers in rows close together
Then I cut them out with my fabric scissors
This is the most time consuming step but the rest is pretty quick
I just cut them out while I was watching my shows
Yeah I love the new Fall season!
So many fun shows on
You are going to be sewing your pedals onto tulle
size: height of pillow form inch X 5 3/4 inch
(15 inches was the fabric height of my pillow I was doing
so my tulle was 15 X 5 3/4 inch
Now it is time to get those pedals onto the tulle
You are going to fold the flower in half so three pedals are showing
like the picture above
Then fold it in half again
so it looks like this
Folding it two ways will give it the dimension and fluff look I am going for
you are going to sew your pedals on row by row
with five pedals creating each row
First fold and pin five pedals onto the tulle
Then creating a continuous stitch
(show in the picture above)
sew the five pedals onto the tulle
making sure to just sew the corners of the pedals
so the rest can fluff up
don’t forget to back-stitch at the beginning and end of each row
with your next row you want the stitches to be about an inch apart
with the pedals overlapping a little bit
and make sure to stagger them a little bit filling in all the wholes
continue to fold, pin and stitch with five in each row
until you have covered the tulle
(the length of your pillow)
so it looks like the picture above
once all your pedals are sewn on and you like the coverage
it is time to sew the tulle onto the fabric piece that will be the front of your pillow
Pin your pedals back and sew the top of your tulle onto the fabric
Then get your pedal piece straight and pin back the pedals on the bottom of the tulle
and sew the bottom of the tulle onto the fabric
Now the top and bottom of you tulle is secured onto the fabric
next you will find the middle and pin back all the pedals
then sew the middle of the tulle onto the fabric
then the back will look a little something like this
which is a little more secure but I really want it on there so I did
more stitches pinning pedals away and stitching
about every 1 1/2 inches
so the back looked a little something like this
Now that is secure!
And the front should look like this!
Now you have the front of you pillow done
So this is when you can make the decision of what type of pillow you want
I decided I wanted to do an envelope pillow cover
Click HERE to see my full tutorial of how
to sew an envelope pillow
After cutting, and making the seams for the back pieces of the
pillow I pinned it all together
and sewed around the whole thing
Turned it right side out
and my pillow cover looked a little something like this!!!
Next I found this travel size pillow
at Walmart for $3 compared to pillow forms $7
Yay I love cheaper
and it was the exact size I was looking for
Slide your pillow form into your envelope
and it will look all fluffy, comfy, luscious and full
also making your pedals look fluffy and gorgeous
Isn’t it so elegant looking?
Her new home will be front and center on my brown bedspread!
Now get on it and make one for yourself
I hope I have given you the tools and the confidence you need
to make your very own
You will be so proud when you are done!!!
I give mine a little snuggle every night 🙂
I hope you will come and visit me at A mommy’s life…with a touch of YELLOW
I love meeting new people and sharing my ideas and a little about my life as a mommy
I have one amazing talented daughter, don’t you think?!
Make sure to stop by and visit her blog
And leave her lots of nice comments.
Thanks Whitney for posting for me today!
Love You!
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  • Lindsay October 3, 2011, 10:38 am

    I adore Whitney! This is such a fun project! I would love to embellish one of my pillows with this technique! Great job Whit!
    Lindsay recently posted..Show & Share #7 {features}

  • Amy October 3, 2011, 11:07 am

    I love this pillow! It is absolutely gorgeous! Great job Whitney!

  • ashley October 3, 2011, 1:21 pm

    whit rocks:) love it
    ashley recently posted..MMM#4 a few of my favorite things….

  • Kaysi @ Keeping It Simple October 3, 2011, 2:32 pm

    I love this pillow, it looks great!! Great job Whitney!

  • Elyse Ellis October 4, 2011, 11:10 am

    This looks so good! I can’t believe you can just come up with things like that! I want to make this little beauty to put front and center on my bed, too!

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