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Yay, it’s Thursday! Do you know what that means? It means it’s time for our next contributor. I’m happy to introduce you to our new Fashion Contributor at Organize & Decorate Everything. For those of you who don’t know, Whitney is my daughter. I didn’t pick Whitney as the Fashion Contributor because she’s my daughter though, this girl has got tons of fashion sense and will be sharing different areas of fashion with you the 4th Thursday of every month. I’m excited to see all the great posts she will come up with. Get to know Whitney a little better, then check out her top six fashion trends for Fall.

Hi, I am Whitney and I blog over at A Mommy’s Life with a touch of Yellow. It is a lifestyle blog full of fashion, fitness, crafts, DIY, decor, recipes, and anything and everything that inspires me that I want to share. I have been married to my husband, Ty, for 6 years and we have two handsome little boys, Maddux {3} and Holden {1}. I am a licensed teacher in Physical Education and Health Education and I loved student teaching, but right now I am focusing on staying home and taking care of my boys. So for now I am playing with the boys, cleaning, doing laundry {all the mommy duties}, crafting during nap time, doing crossfit and running in the wee hours of the morning, and of course blogging as my creative outlet and loving every minute of it, ok well most of it. No one really loves doing laundry and changing poopy diapers do they? But we love those that we do it for so it is worth it in the end.

My first year of college is when I really found my niche for fashion. My friends and family always said I had a unique sense of style, which to me meant I was pretty fearless in trying it all out! When I became a wife and mother I loved all the fashion and style even more, don’t get me wrong I love a good pair of sweats but there is just something about putting an outfit together that makes you feel confident about yourself. I am always shopping on a budget and love to share how to be in style without breaking the bank. I am excited to share some of my favorite fashion trends, tips, ideas and tricks with you here on Organize and Decorate Everything.

Its Thursday! I love Thursdays, because it is almost Friday and Friday means its the weekend, did you get all that?! Good! Another reason I love Thursdays is because that means I get to be here at Organize and Decorate Everything and share with you my fashion knowledge! Today I am going to be sharing with you my top 6 favorite Fall Fashion trends of 2013. I am so excited for the fall season, the crispness in the air, the fall activities, the changing beautiful leaves and of course the clothes! I love all of these and I believe each of them can be incorporated into every age and personality. Everyday women this is for all of you! So lets get started….




Chambray is not going anywhere this Fall and it is coming back in such fun shades and patterns, stars, polka dots and stripes. I love all the different ways one simple denim shirt can be styled, and because of this I feel it is considered a staple piece that should be in every one of your closets. They are everywhere and they don’t have to be expensive. I got mine at Target on sale for only $18. Pair it with your
leggings for a relaxed fall look, and dress it up with a skirt or a blazer. You can go funky with some patterns or keep it classy and simple
with the perfect shade of blue. I love this trend because you can be as funky or conservative as you want with it.



At one time the cropped pants were considered floods and were a fashion no no, but the crop pants have come in so much so that we are rolling them up to give them the cropped look. I love this look for the summer to fall transition. Roll up your blue jeans, patterned and colored jeans, and even your khaki pants, but just a little and its all about the skinny rolls. This is a super flattering look and the best part it shows off all your cute shoes! Pair the rolled pants with some patterned flats and an oversized tee, dress it up with some heels, or get a little bold and wear them with some ankle boots. Roll them up! Lets see those ankles.




Leather is so so in right now and although that seems like a scary thing, it really doesn’t have to be. Don’t be scared of the leather, embrace it! Yes, of course the leather pants are making a come back but that is not the only way to get leather into your wardrobe. So even though I am on the hunt for the perfect leather leggings those are not for everyone. Add some leather is some more conspicuous ways such as a cotton tee with some leather sleeves, or a leather sewn on pocket, try a leather skirt, a leather collar on a dressed up blouse, or a jacket with leather sleeves. Wear as much or as little leather that you are confident in but find something because it is really fun and brings some wow into your outfit.



One of my favs of all fall trends are the boots! So bust out those pretty things because I am here to tell you they are here to stay and I just don’t think they are going anywhere any time soon. When I think fall I think boots, its the best part! Try them all: at the knee, over the knee, ankle, flat, heels, swede and leather! Pair them with your favorite jeans, or a skirt!



Bring on the over sized shirts! It is all about the loose this season. I am loving this for so many reasons, and we are talking both over sized cotton tees and blouses. These can be casual for everyday or dressy for date night. They hide so much which is my favorite part, they are comfortable which is great for all the playing and cleaning we do all day, they are easy to move in and you can breathe in them. You can feel confident in what you are wearing instead of sucking in or standing at just the right angle.



And last but not least we cannot forget the camo. Camo is back and not just because of Duck Dynasty. Which by the way I don’t see what all the hype is about. Don’t get me wrong it is awesome how they were able to become successful but the TV show is not my cup of tea. Anyway….the camo is all over. It is here in pants, shirts, jackets and even shoes. Camo is the new leopard of this season. Go bold with the pants or bring in just a little fun with the flats. You do not have to feel like you are camping while wearing this trend. Pair is with some fun jewelry and a colored jean to make it a bit more girlie.

I hope I have inspired you and helped you feel confident in bringing these trends into your style this fall season.

I think I need to go shopping for a chambray shirt and some cute new boots and I might really want those camo flats too. What are your must haves for Fall?

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