We’ve been taking a lot of 2-3 day trips this Summer. It’s been a lot of fun but the packing and unpacking has been a little taxing. My kids are old enough to pack themselves but I was constantly having to remind them of everything to include. I finally got smart and made a kid packing list for them. I printed one out for each kid and placed it in a sheet protector, that way it can be used over and over again and wiped clean between trips. Just use a dry erase marker so it will wipe off easily.

Kid Packing List
Kid Packing List Printable

The list includes some things that aren’t going to be used for every trip or don’t pertain to everyone. It’s easy to just mark through those things on the sheet protector before I hand it to the kids. They can also write the number needed next to each item with a dry erase marker. This saves me so much time and I”m not repeating myself 3 times during the packing process. It’s also teaching the kids to be responsible. You may notice that things like shampoo, body wash, etc. are not included since I pack those things for the family.

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